Fungal Warfare Upon All Life

by Blood Spore

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JT EXTREME Death doom with riffs for days, let the holiest & swellest shrooms consume our unworthiest loins Favorite track: Cede To The Saprophyte.
schuler  thumbnail
schuler Cavernous production, seething riffs, pukey vocals... and that's just one track. Looking forward to the full release, and hoping for a full length one day soon. Also got me taking a second look at my chaga/lion's mane stack. Favorite track: Apex Colony.
GoatForest  thumbnail
GoatForest This is some extremely fresh, and supremely groovy death metal. It's like being beaten to death with a hammer, but with pizazz. It doesn't hurt that the lyrical themes are damn unique, as well.
chris_topher_mc thumbnail
chris_topher_mc an excellent display of Mycological savagery. These Phytopathological Philadelphians drop some quality Death-Doom with a variety of great mid-paced, slow and trudging riffs. the vocals are wonderfully putrid. Bass tone is great. The drums are mic'd up very nicely as well. They do a great job with tempo changes and pacing as well as incorporating some nice atmosphere. I enjoy the great production. There is clarity in the filth so nothing is missed. Overall this is very promising for Blood Spore.

FFO: Tromping through the woods with a heavy stick, barbarically smashing fungi off of dead trees and stumps like a goddamn Fungus war hero for all mankind.....

Full review on VM Underground
troll666 thumbnail
troll666 While it was inconvenient to have to reassemble my face, the riffs which melted it off were quite tasty. Favorite track: Apex Colony.
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Debut EP

1. Hostile Fruiting Bodies
2. Cede To the Saprophyte
3. Apex Colony

The Ancient Earthen Fungus will claim what's theirs and destroy all in it's path.


released April 5, 2019

Bass / Vocals - Christopher Emerson
Guitar - Luke Gary
Drums - Fred Grabosky
Ambient Composition - Blood Spore

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered with Will Mellor at Red Water Recording


all rights reserved



Blood Spore Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Fungal Death and Doom


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Track Name: Hostile Fruiting Bodies
They came from benthic fissures
Brought with them ancient signs
Uncontrollable violence
Vast unknown
God of roots
Half caste
Filled with
Poisonous greed
Call to us
The cult still lives
Pay tribute in deeds of the body
Mystic husks
Dead and living
Pillars of the vessel come tumbling down
As the dominant visage of the world takes hold
Undecayed by the passage of time
Abandon your body if your soul is to survive
I am legion
The coiling core of an ancient world
I mount an assault on the living
Recoil in horror
I am not
What I am
Track Name: Cede To The Saprophyte
Called back
Go face the earth below
Called back
To face the earth below
Ancient abomination
In the grip of stark terror
Untamable gods of death
Cut away the bodies
From inside out
They cannot take shape
Without human blood
Undecayed power of the masters of this world
Revealed to be fathomless, central, supreme
Creation of the keys to the gates of yog sothoth
Terrifying tentacles will purify the realm
Put a match
To your prison
Aklo Saboth
Tenebrous venomous worship
Pure chaos presence
Track Name: Apex Colony
Sea lizard worshippers
Inchoate and without voice
Released from mortal coils
At the hands of flesh
Perish you all
For a doom comes upon you
That is a far worse
Fate to befall
These lights beneath the water
Are not a grave, but a womb
For the land dwelling herds
Of Mythanosophists of Ib
With souls beyond the body
And visages reptilian
They shall dance on the graves of ten thousand great
At Sarnath
Ornate marble
Columns, pearls, plentiful mammals
Provide a feast for
The denizens of Ib
As the remains of ancients
Drift into the sea
The spirits of unearthly power
Fashioned in the likeness of Ib
A monument of trees
Twisted, writing, sentient
Dominates the soul made flesh with ease
Fungal apex colony
Declares its ancient warfare
On all life
The mind is made a prison
The flesh is turned to coal
The sight is made one with
An ancient unsurpassable form
Fungal apex colony
And psychokinetic
Declares its ancient warfare
Upon all life

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